In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night, she could stretch her fragile hands and touch his bare soul When the sheets curled them and the wind cuddled them She could look into his eyes and kiss his heart When the night broke and the dew drops sang with the sunshine She would search for his soul... Continue Reading →

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We need to talk about this

Shubho Noboborsho everyone! Much love from the land of the Bengals! 🙂 On this day of new beginnings, I want to talk about the other side of "new beginnings"that no one talks about- the pain, the endless pondering in the dark and lonely self journeys that finally give rise to "new beginnings" My surrounding is... Continue Reading →


she pulled out the ring of dusted, peeling off pearls from her wardrobe wrapped in a red velvet pouch bag with strings on its mouth, like a winter’s gloves on a cute little puppy the days when the corner of her heart would beat for a little smie on her beloved’s face after a hard... Continue Reading →

Just Because

The pains, the heartbreaks The nagging sticky after tans of the nagging sticky humiliations The image staring back from the mirror with a fist clenching at your guts The endless scorns and secret condescensions The lying on your back and staring point blank the epicenter of the frantic ceiling fan Wishing the centre would drop... Continue Reading →


What does Home feel like, he asked? Lord looked at the strings in his hands for a moment and replied, the same way you feel like after looking for the “right” music to blend with your soul for hours and hours, possibly days, and can’t close your eyes in peace for even a second until you... Continue Reading →

I hope

I hope our paths never cross again Not only in this life, but also in the infinities of lives after it I hope that part of our lives where we existed with each other becomes a vacuum A black hole So that even if we try to remember it as hard as we can the... Continue Reading →


If God were a painter and had given me his paint and brush for a day and asked me to paint my Heaven, I would draw a little bit of rain, A little bit of wind tossling my damp hair, A little bit of rainbow peeking through the Little bit of sunshine laughing with the... Continue Reading →

Bangladesh at the brink of an “Innovation Revolution”…or not?

“There’s a new way to do it better- find it”- Thomas Edison “Bioneedles” may soon replace the syringe, vial and needle as the standard delivery mechanism for vaccines. The patented innovation, one of the many produced by 22.6 per 10,000 of its citizens in the small Dutch city of Eindhoven, can change the face of... Continue Reading →


She waited for the nightmare to pass She thought if she could sleep comfortably Enough If she could wrap the blankets around her bare, torn skin tightly Enough If she could close her eyes and keep them closed for long Enough She could tire away the demons of her soul She thought Eventually their claws... Continue Reading →

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