Just Because

The pains, the heartbreaks

The nagging sticky after tans of the nagging sticky humiliations

The image staring back from the mirror with a fist clenching at your guts

The endless scorns and secret condescensions

The lying on your back and staring point blank the epicenter of the frantic ceiling fan

Wishing the centre would drop on the middle of your skull and slice right through the middle of it

You have to believe they all happened for a reason, Guttu

The walls had been shattered, the flood had come breaking down

Because they were meant to

Because everything that happened were tied in a single string that leads to why you exist

If its not religion, if its not fate, if must be something

We are all part of the big, scary story that had started eons and eons ago

If its not our stories, it must be somebody else’s story

But they happened for Some reason

Maybe what they’ll lead it won’t be exciting

Maybe it won’t make your heart jump in ecstasy

Maybe it won’t erase all the pains that crumbles you to pieces every night

But it will still happen

Because it was Meant to

Won’t that be enough?


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