she pulled out the ring of dusted, peeling off pearls from her wardrobe

wrapped in a red velvet pouch bag
with strings on its mouth, like a winter’s gloves on a cute little puppy
the days when the corner of her heart would beat for a little smie on her beloved’s face after a hard day at work
her ecstasies with the little maneuvers with the cinnamon tea
the little tricks learnt from Porshi Bhabi living beside
her elaborate planning behind making the pillows in the bed rooms a little more aligned
to ease the creases off their corners a bit more
to make them look a little more endearing when he comes back home

the days when she would count every single second in the day for a little curve at the side of his lips
the days when she would hold every single of her breaths for a little glance from the corner of his eyes


happiness comes with a price


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