We need to talk about this

Shubho Noboborsho everyone! Much love from the land of the Bengals! 🙂

adult alone anxious black and white
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

On this day of new beginnings, I want to talk about the other side of “new beginnings”that no one talks about- the pain, the endless pondering in the dark and lonely self journeys that finally give rise to “new beginnings”

My surrounding is filled with “new beginnings” these days. Friends going abroad, starting new businesses, getting married, taking new jobs, jumping into new possibilities and opportunities- the list has probably turned into an endless rant of infinite ramblings by now

But I hear nobody talking about the endless futile hours they had spent over that one university application they were heartbroken to have rejected, that one girl they couldn’t end up with but loved like a soulmate, those countless nights they had spent waking up working on their business financials for getting the big investment for their businesses and ended up losing it, or of those days and nights they had prayed wishing their parents were a little more supportive of their dreams

The overwhelming desire to portray our “okay-ness” to the world is dangerous. Do we only live for that? To blurt out a few set lines of how we are doing great in our lives. And eventually go back to our homes and drown our heads in the mountain on our back that we are too afraid to share with anybody, even our spouses and supposed “soulmates”, lest they find us less appealing and leave us?

We need to talk about them mountains. We need to break them down into little pieces and open our hearts and spread it across the Atlantic. We need to find out our true “soulmates”, or become one for ourselves. Now



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