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Shubho Noboborsho everyone! Much love from the land of the Bengals! 🙂 On this day of new beginnings, I want to talk about the other side of "new beginnings"that no one talks about- the pain, the endless pondering in the dark and lonely self journeys that finally give rise to "new beginnings" My surrounding is... Continue Reading →


Bangladesh at the brink of an “Innovation Revolution”…or not?

“There’s a new way to do it better- find it”- Thomas Edison “Bioneedles” may soon replace the syringe, vial and needle as the standard delivery mechanism for vaccines. The patented innovation, one of the many produced by 22.6 per 10,000 of its citizens in the small Dutch city of Eindhoven, can change the face of... Continue Reading →

Its not about the sexual pleasure, is it?

If you live in a jungle, learn to fight with the animals. Don't cry over why the animals can't be kinder, more civilized or nicer. An animal's job is to hunt and prey. When you co-exist with them, you either have to become an animal yourself, or learn to fight with them. If you are... Continue Reading →


Media coverage from the Social Impact Finance Forum, IE Business School, Madrid

Micro Finance Around the world

Microfinance around the world, 12th January 2012

Making over the multi-billion microfinance industry

Thousands of rickshaw drivers cram into the city streets of Bangladesh every day. But at least one driver escaped this urban nightmare to pursue his rural dream of becoming an entrepreneur back in his home village.

He started by plunging into his savings and topping it off with an interest-free loan of less than $150. He then bought a phone recharging and tuck shop, quadrupling his monthly income from around 200 Bangladeshi takas — or less than $2.50 — to 800 takas. After he grew his savings and learned about personal financial management, he started a side-game of agricultural upgrades: he bought a goat that he later sold for a cow, after which he purchased three more cows to sell in a nearby market.

“Two months back he married off his little sister and was quite happy…

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Bangladesh Youth Demands from COP18, from Bangladesh Youth Movement for Climate (BYMC)

And once again, our beloved city Dhaka has topped the list of the 50 cities most vulnerable to climate change in the world, according to Maplecroft, a global risk and strategy consulting firm based in UK, whose work includes analyzing key political, economic, social and environmental risks impacting global business and investment. Every year, UNFCCC... Continue Reading →

Breaking the barriers: keeping up the volunteer-pulse

I looked at my watch and checked the time. It’s 12 30 at midnight and I still have a 30-minute Skype meeting to attend to, one proposal to complete and two letters to write.  The biggest climate change conference, UNFCCC  Conference of Parties 18 is about to start in Doha this year and I, as... Continue Reading →

Rio+20: Twenty years into sustainability, or just a new way of ecocide?

As I settled myself comfortably into one of the chairs at the back of the plenary hall in the high level segment meeting, Claudia Salerno, the lead negotiator of Venezuela, walked past me. Last year, at the 17th session of the United Nations climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, she had taken the international... Continue Reading →

The silence After the storm

Almost 12 hours have passed after arriving in Dhaka, and still I can’t hold my head up straight. The 20 hours non-stop flight has definitely taken a toll on this poor me! Now sitting before my computer screen with my usual confused state, thinking about what I should write In fact there isn’t much to... Continue Reading →

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