Its not about the sexual pleasure, is it?

If you live in a jungle, learn to fight with the animals. Don't cry over why the animals can't be kinder, more civilized or nicer. An animal's job is to hunt and prey. When you co-exist with them, you either have to become an animal yourself, or learn to fight with them. If you are... Continue Reading →



The best thing about her was that she could jump from cliffs and into the ebb and swim with the tide. She was fresh. She was blue. She swam over her green, mossy, wrinkled sisters sleeping peacefully between the rocks She was fresh The only thing you probably forgot about her was, she was the... Continue Reading →

Repost: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O: Shel Silverstein’s Sweet Allegory for the Simple Secret of Love and the Key to Nurturing Relationships

The exchange between the missing piece and the Big O is nothing short of breathstopping: “I think you are the one I have been waiting for,” said the missing piece. “Maybe I am your missing piece.” “But I am not missing a piece,” said the Big O. “There is no place you would fit.” “That... Continue Reading →


All she could do was wait Not wait for the storm to pass or the wound to heal It wasn't so much of a storm really It was more of the gentle sediments that the calm waters beneath her feet would dance with every now and then, and never let go as they visited She... Continue Reading →

Carbon Souls

She grasped her skirt tightly against the gasp of smoke from the angry train The coals burned. The air in her mouth mystified The train roared, her heart sank She was running with the last thread of muscle in her fragile elastic body still gripping to her like a frightened child Heart clumped inside her... Continue Reading →


She was living a little less that day Its not like she was finding it difficult to breathe, or joining her footsteps on the pavement, or looking at a stranger and formulating words in her mouth to fill up the spaces between them Its just that, the pulses in her heart were dancing a bit... Continue Reading →


We don’t have to send our little children to their schools everyday with our faint, hopeful hearts beating like hammers against our fragile chests with fears that our little pieces of sunshine will come back to us as blood-splashed, tattered uniforms and burnt pieces of little limbs Or not come back. At all We don’t... Continue Reading →


His entire world turned upside down on that cold, winter night It was not cold, really. The leaves had just taken a chilling break from their falling business and the tips of their creases were starting to blush bit by bit The air wasn't really a thick mess of fog or a chilled ball of... Continue Reading →


She wanted to hit him. Burn him. Crash him. Smash him to the grounds Wring his neck and throw him off into the deepest abyss of the deepest oceans from where nothing, not even the deadest of the dead existences can come back In a room full of people, soaked in plastic laughter, hugged in... Continue Reading →

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